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Specialists in our fields of work

Glentworth are a leading supplier of high precision components and assemblies. 

We are specialists in the manufacture of precision components, primarily for the aerospace, defense, and commercial sectors, working with our customers to supply cost effective engineering solutions.

From interior lighting to high lift flap control system assemblies, the range of products Glentworth supply is extensive. 

Universal, articulating, and plunging joints together with riveted & electron beam welded torque shafts are mainline manufacture, utilising cell and Lean production principles.

Value analysis and product engineering has resulted in Glentworth being chosen to lead the manufacture of various flap actuation machined parts and assemblies.


Commercial manufacturing is afforded the same stringent quality controls in line with our ISO9001 and AS9100 customer approval requirements whilst still remaining competitively priced.


Glentworth have established an extensive AS9100 & Nadcap supply chain to support us in meeting and exceeding customer requirements.

• Long term working relationships established for the following  processes :-

• Electron Beam Welding

• X-ray,

• Cadmium Plating

• Silver Plate

• Passivation

• Magnetic Particle Inspection & Dye Penetrant Flaw Detection

• Paint

• Phosphate

• Sheet Metal

• Surface Treatments including Anodise, Alocrom , Nodular Thin Dense Chrome, Tungsten Disulphide

• Heat Treatment Including Plasma Nitride

• Brazing and many more processes.

• COTS parts

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Gear Cutting

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Our Sister Company Glentworth LLP

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