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Supplier Quality

Terms and conditions


“supplier” means the Company, firm, or person to whom the order is addressed.
“Glentworth Precision” means Glentworth Precision Engineering (UK) Limited, Glentworth House, Molly Millar’s Bridge, Molly Millar’s Lane, Wokingham, Berkshire RG41 2WY.


2.Supplier Quality Requirements

The supplier must be registered to ISO9001/AS9100 or have a Quality Management System that meets the general requirements of ISO9001,AS9100, AS9120 or relevant Nadcap approvals as is applicable to their business. This includes but is not limited to:



All relevant documents and records, pertaining to the order, created by and/or held by the supplier shall remain legible, readily identifiable, readily retrievable and be retained for a minimum of 7 years or by the period defined by the prime contractor, whichever is the greater. Do not destroy records without Glentworth Precisions written permission.



Resources shall be relevant and adequate to the provision of the product and/or service required as stated in the purchase order. Personnel will be competent at performing their work, based on appropriate training, experience and awareness. The work environment will be managed to achieve service and/or process conformity.


5.Customer related processes: 

The supplier will verify that Glentworth Precision’s purchase order requirements can be fulfilled and communicate any anomalies and/or queries promptly. A customer rejects/complaints procedure will exist to effectively manage, communicate and resolve any issues.


6.Preservation of Product: 

The supplier will preserve the product throughout processing and delivery. Suppliers shall ensure that work is delivered to Glentworth Precision without foreign objects or damage.
In the absence of any specific requirements within the drawings, specifications or purchase order, all goods shall be delivered to Glentworth Precision, with packaging to prevent damage and deterioration during shipment and storage.


7.F.A.I.R (First Article Inspection Report).

The suppliers Quality Management System shall provide a process for inspection, verification and documentation of a representative item if required by Glentworth Precisions purchase order. The FAIR shall be in accordance with AS9102.



The supplier shall not subcontract any part of the process stated on the purchase order without written consent from Glentworth Precision.


9.Changes to process and/or product:

Changes to process, product, changes of suppliers, changes of manufacturing facility location. Where required must obtain Glentworth Precision written approval. 

10.Inspection and Testing: 

The supplier shall provide with the goods, results obtained in the course of inspection/testing against the requirements of the order. Such results shall be certified by a senior member of your staff responsible for Quality Assurance / Inspection and shall state the position or status of the signatory in your organisation.


11.Certificates of Conformity: 

Each delivery shall be supported by an appropriate Certificate of Conformity signed by a senior member of your staff responsible for Quality/Inspection.
Certificates of Conformity will include, but not be limited, to the following information:-

  • Glentworth Precisions’ official purchase order number.

  • Suppliers’ delivery note number.

  • Drawing/Issue numbers and/or Specification/Issue numbers applicable.

  • Batch/Serial numbers where appropriate.

  • A statement confirming that the goods have been inspected and tested to the drawings/specifications quoted in the purchase order.

  • A statement confirming that the goods conform in all respects to the requirements of the purchase order.


12.Non-conforming Product: 

Any item that does not meet, in every respect, the requirements of the drawing or purchase order is considered ‘non-conforming’. Non-conforming parts shall be suitably identified and segregated. The supplier shall notify Glentworth Precision in writing of any nonconforming product and or/process and provide corrective and preventative action reports.


13.Right of access: 

This shall be allowed to Glentworth Precision, Glentworth Precisions’ customer and appropriate regulatory authorities to all of its facilities involved in the order and to all applicable records. Such inspection shall not prejudice our right to reject items after delivery.


14.The Supplier Must:

  • Prevent the use of counterfeit parts

  • Ensure any specifications utilised are done so to the latest revision unless otherwise stated

  • Flow down to the supply chain the applicable requirements, including customer requirements.

  • Ensure that persons are aware of

    • Contribution to product or service conformity

    • Contribution to product safety

    • The importance of ethical behavior



The supplier shall keep in strict confidence all technical and/or commercial, documents, data, drawings and specifications relevant to the order and/or quotation.


The above Quality requirements are in addition to Glentworth Precisions’ general purchasing T & C’s.