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Facility Design

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Glentworth facility 

Increasingly stringent requirements from the aerospace industry, such as Foreign Object Debris (FOD) limitations, as well as Health and Safety regulations, are a powerful driving force in our workshop design, hygiene and safety initiatives.

A modern heat exchange ventilation system, the latest Plymovent extraction units, and Filtermist machine filters contribute to maintaining a clean air environment. LED lighting minimises power consumption and provides exceptional lighting quality for our employees, as well as minimising maintenance and bulb replacements.

Air compressor units/receivers are located in a separate room to reduce noise pollution and prevent unauthorised access. Electricity and compressed air lines are transported to our machines through rows of specially designed cable trays, suspended from the high ceiling, providing easy and safe access to machines

The innovative interior design was instrumental in our winning the Silver Award for Interior Fit out from AIS Contractors in 2014. NEWMONT WORDING


Glentworth has a comprehensive range of high specification equipment, with the ability to do many jobs from end to end.

When equipment is needed that we do not have, we will manage the whole process and use exceptional suppliers that meet the high standards that we expect from ourselves and our customers. Our factory operates 24 hours a day during the week, enabling us to meet deadlines that many of us can only dream of.

Our relationship with machinery suppliers means that we are always in a position to see the newest developments and importantly see any issues that we may have during projects.

•      Actuation & mechanical assemblies
•      CNC milling & turning
•      Small batch milling & turning
•      Prototype and development work
•      All sheet metal work, including all finished treatments

E-mail your components between our CAD systems thereby reducing production times. We can take 3D wireframe files as well as standard 2D and produce components from simple geometry to more complex 3D geometry.

To see our complete machinery list please click here

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