Clients / Projects

An exceptional client base, with diverse projects and competitive prices guaranteed whether you currently source in the UK or overseas.


Glentworth has sub-contractor status with major companies such as Moog, Page Aerospace (UTC), Goodrich (UTC) CTG (UTC), Selex ES Ltd, BAE & Woodward Duarte. Working with International clients, means that we currently export around one third of our order book.


Existing valued customers include: 

  • MOOG

  • UTAS 

  • Leonardo

  • Woodward

  • TT-Electronics

  • Ricardo

From initial RFQ’s to delivering product, our established processes ensure that we adhere to both Customer and Industry standard quality requirements. We aim for 100% client satisfaction.


All projects at Glentworth are managed through a comprehensive workflow process, that ensures efficiency, speed and quality. We work closely with our clients ensuring we meet their expectations and on occasions, clients can receive turnarounds on assembly of less than 24 hours. 

Working closely with OEM’s who supply into Boeing & Airbus, Glentworth has secured the preproduction manufacture of the primary high lift actuation assemblies on both Airbus A380 & Boeing 787 aircraft build programs.

  • Boeing 787 high lift flap actuation assemblies.

  • Airbus A380 high lift flap actuation assemblies.

  • Airbus A320/330/340/350 and A400M.

  • F35 joint strike fighter.

  • Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey.

  • Westland.

  • Lynx.

  • Learjet

  • Legacy

  • T129 ATAK helicopter

  • CN235 military aircraft

  • B767 series aircraft

We also offer a “One Stop Shop” for many parts which utilises our established and quality assured supply chain of AS9100 & NADCAP accredited suppliers, with who we have excellent long term relationships, for the following processes: 


  • Electron Beam Welding,

  • X-ray,

  • Cadmium Plating,

  • Silver Plate,

  • Passivation,

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection,

  • Flaw Dye Penetrant,

  • Paint, Phosphate,

  • Anodise,

  • Alocrom,

  • Plasma Nitride,

  • Heat Treat,

  • Nodular Thin Dense Chrome,

  • Tungsten Disulphide,

  • Brazing and many more processes.